Friday, August 21, 2009

Spelling is overrated

Yesterday on Facebook, I was trying to say in my status update that I was feeling highly distractible. Except that when I typed "distractible," it was underlined by those little red dots that indicate a misspelled word. So then I tried "distractable." No dice. I was too lazy to investigate further and came to the conclusion that it must not be a real word.

WRONG. Apparently, both spellings are acceptable. HA! Take that, Facebook.

This leads me to the conclusion that spelling is dumb. I know my 12-year-old brother agrees with me; he once famously put up a sign on the door to his bedroom that said "Ples Knok." Which sounds kind of like a Klingon greeting. Ples knok, earthling!

I was in a spelling bee once. In 7th grade. The word that got me out: "extraterrestrial." I was pissed when the kid next to me got "raspberry."

My friend Zach Sherwin, who is an up and coming comedian (and rapper under the name MC Mr. Napkins), feels my pain. Check out his awesome rap video about the word that robbed him of spelling bee glory:

Spelling Bee


jimmy said...

I was in my fourth grade spelling bee and got second place when I misspelled "bequeath." But iswear the stupid announcer pronounced it the way I spelled it: B-E-Q-U-I-E-F.

Anonymous said...

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J.A.G. said...

3rd grade. Lost school spelling bee on "valorous." Used two l's.

5th grade. Didn't leave the classroom. The teacher said "waistband," and I immediately thought of garbage.

7th grade. "Jeopardize." Ended with "ise." Tied for seventh-grade champ with three others.