Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Face

First, let me start off by saying that I regularly watch Grey's Anatomy, despite the fact that it's a ridiculous, wildly unrealistic and emotionally manipulative soap opera. To quote Bill Murray from
Tootsie, "That is one nutty hospital," that Seattle Grace.

Still, I've come up with a fun new game relating to what I consider to be one of the more absurd elements of the show: its soundtrack of treacly, twee indie-hipster rock. To see what I mean, check out this list. Now, not all of the songs/bands featured on Grey's suck -- I'm very fond of Tegan & Sara, whose music has apparently been featured in numerous episodes. But Grey's Anatomy also ruined the band Keane for me -- between Grey's and that sappy trailer for The Lake House, I just can't listen to them anymore.

But I digress. The game is simple. Whenever you're out and about with friends and you hear a song that qualifies as Grey's Anatomy music, you have to make your best Grey's Anatomy Face. What is a Grey's Anatomy Face? Let me give you some guidance:

You have to look intense but also sort of vacant. Like you're thinking about something really important, but also maybe about what you had for breakfast. Like this:

You can look a little surprised and trepidatious, like you've just been asked to perform an extremely risky surgery involving adult conjoined twins who share a heart and are in love with each other's spouses. Or you can look a bit forlorn and vulnerable:

See what I mean?

I hit the Grey's Anatomy Face jackpot with this rejected headshot:

My friend Monte describes my expression here as "surprised-yet-confused-yet-curious," as if I were starring in a musical entitled "I'm Sorry But I Don't Believe You're Who I Think I Am."

Anyway, I find this game highly amusing, especially after a few glasses of wine. Feel free to e-mail me (katievagnino@gmail.com) your best Grey's Faces and I'll post them on the blog!

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vern said...

i love this show just can't miss any of Grey's Anatomy episodes. i love every thing about this show story line star cast just every thing