Friday, June 13, 2008

Academia, how I've missed you!

I knew I was ready to go back to school, but I didn't realize just how ready I was until I read this in my grad school course catalog:

Students do a significant amount of primary and secondary reading. Classes are conducted in a seminar format where students do at least one presentation.

Students do a minimum of 25 pages of critical writing that includes at least one 10 – 20 page analytical research essay.

In this class that will mean either two 10-pg research papers; or one 20-pg paper. “Analytical research essay” means a scholarly paper, requiring significant research, not an op-ed essay. The balance of the 25pg min. will be made up by weekly reading responses.

...and got a grad school hard-on. You know you're ready to leave the workforce when the idea of writing reading responses (weekly!) and the promise of "significant amounts of primary and secondary reading" gets you all hot and bothered.


The Mouse said...

Katie! Glad you got on the blogwagon! Where are you going to grad school? I'm so hot for secondary sources, i think i might check it out myself...

fishwatch said...

Please be a TA for undergrads asap.