Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ok, first of all, apologies for not posting in over a week. Sometimes, you know, life intervenes.

So, I recently filed my taxes (on my own, using TurboTax) and got a larger refund than I was expecting. Instead of doing the responsible thing and paying off a chunk of my student loans, I have been buying plane tickets and planning frivolous trips. I love to travel, so it's a good thing I picked such a lucrative career. I mean, basically every cover of US Weekly features a millionaire poetess sunning herself in Belize.

Where am I going, you ask? Well, in a little under two weeks, I'm going to Chicago to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. I will be in the Windy City for about 48 hours. Which sort of makes the trip absurd, but the birthday boy in question is one of my closest pals from childhood and just finished a tour in Afghanistan. Yep, I'm playing the he-is-in-the-army card to justify this trip. Also, I can stay for free with a friend....so at least I'm saving money in that regard.

Next trip: St. Louis in May. I know what you're thinking, that these Midwestern destinations are not exactly exotic. But again, it's a birthday worth traveling for -- my Dad's 65th. I missed his 60th fete, which was a margarita-infused, karaoke affair that was so raucous that someone called the cops. Yes, the police made an appearance at my father's 60th birthday. That's just how my family rolls. So I'm thinking 65 is going to be even more insane.

But here's the vacay I'm really looking forward to: Amsterdam in July! Haven't bought my tickets yet, but I have the dates picked out (first week of July). I have never been to Amsterdam. And I haven't been to Europe since 2003 (I'm so underprivileged!). I hear Amsterdam is a cultural mecca, chock full of museums and lovely architecture. I swear, that's why I'm going. To appreciate the architecture. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The fact that I will be able to legally buy and smoke weed in public establishments did not factor into my decision at all. I AM A LOVER OF ART AND CULTURE.

Ok, gotta run to class....I'll try to post more frequently because I know, I know life is so dull without my pithy entries to brighten your days. God, it's great to be important.

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