Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feb Club

Last night, I participated in the Yale tradition of Feb Club, or now that I've graduated, what's referred to as Feb Club Emeritus, or Feb Club for Old People. At Yale, in acknowledgment of the universally agreed-upon fact that February is the dreariest, worst month, there are parties every night because time passes faster when you're in a persistent drunken haze. Feb Club started sometime in the 70s and in 1989, The New York Times even wrote an article about the phenomenon.

Three years ago, some alums got together and made Feb Club an international initiative and now, there is a Yale-sponsored party every night of February in various cities around the world. What can I say, we Yalies take our alcoholism to a whole 'nother level.

I had some reservations about going to Feb Club -- the tickets cost $20 (which included a drink ticket, appetizers, and free Mory's Cups for the first several hours) and I was pretty sure I wouldn't know anyone there since I haven't attended any Yale Club of Boston events. I bought two tickets, but at the last minute, the person who was to be my guest backed out. So I came very close to not going.....but damn, am I glad I did.

This may sound dumb, but Yale people are my people. I've had mixed results making friends in Boston, but last night, in a room full of strangers, I had more fun and felt more like myself than I have in months. I successfully finished a purple cup, which for the uninitiated, means I drank booze (in this case, a mix of chambord and champagne) from a silver trophy cup and then put the empty cup on my head. I reconnected with a few folks and met a ton of new people. And the venue, the Foundation Room at the House of Blues, was gorgeous and staffed with patient bartenders who learned all the cup recipes.

I had to sign a waiver permitting Feb Club Emeritus to use any photos taken of me last night and I'll probably regret that decision....but will add them to this post when they are available. In lieu of those photos, I'll post some old ones featuring Mory's Cups from my own Bright College Years.


Alycia said...

I love that all of those pics are of Whim girls! Yay! Glad Feb Club was fun :o)

Feb Club Emeritus said...

Glad you had a good time. That's what Feb Club Emeritus is all about.

See you at Feb Club Emeritus 2011!