Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now that's what I call hospitality!

My friend Diana just moved to a new apartment and found a note from the previous tenant in, of all places, her dishwasher. The text of the note is as follows:

Dear new tenant,
The guy next door doesn’t know I’m doing this, but he is in #7. He is super nice and really sexy. But the best part about him is his huge cock. He has a really big dick that I am going to miss a lot. I wanted to let the next lucky girl who moves in here to know just what you have waiting for you next door. Knock on his door and introduce yourself to him! I’m telling you his big dick is amazing!

Good luck with it!



I especially like how "Melissa" doesn't feel compelled to share the well-endowed guy's name, either because she doesn't know it or doesn't think it's relevant. It's also possible that the gentleman in #7 planted the note himself...for obvious reasons. Regardless, I find it hilarious and (wait for it) ballsy.


Citysqwirl said...

It does look like male handwriting, but still dang funny.

Toujours Delish said...

I wanted to second that thought. It does look like a guy's handwriting and male train of thought...which actually makes that note freaking scary!! Creepy neighbor!

Suzanne said...

This is so hilarious. And, as the above comment suggests, creepy as fuck...