Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My summer, in pictures

Labor Day has passed, which means in my mind, summer's officially over. I left New York today like I always leave it -- broke and in need of a haircut. I'm back in Beantown, trying to get back into an academic mindset.

Before that happens, though, I thought it would be fun to recap my summer photographically -- it resembled a traditional summer vacation in that I didn't work full-time, traveled a bunch (to exotic locales like Colorado and New Jersey), and, despite all the rain, even made it to the beach a few times. So long, summer 2009! Thanks for all the memories.

small town 4th of July parade in Orleans, MA

my first Jewish wedding

hiking in Telluride, CO

winning a game of Scrabble against a very good player

free ticket to see Britney motherfucking Spears

weekend on Fire Island, in the company of writers I admire (not pictured, obviously)

seeing West Side Story on Broadway

trip to the Bronx Zoo


J.A.G. said...

The S.L.U.T. on your shirt really adds to the picturesque Colorado landscape.

Noah said...


Katie Vagnino said...

Josh, my shirt is a tribute to the unfortunately named Seattle streetcar: The South Lake Union Train. But now it's called the South Lake Union Line (SLUL) because someone figured out the other acronym was problematic.

David said...

That shirt, your look, and nature = AWESOME