Sunday, April 26, 2009

In defense of Allston

I'm just going to say it out loud on the interwebs: I like my neighborhood, Allston. Allston gets a bad rap for being too noisy and saturated with college students, but in my opinion, this is worth putting up with in exchange for what you get. And what do you get? An affordable area that's always bustling with activity, with a bevy of ethnic and inexpensive food options (does your neighborhood have two Korean restaurants?) and every convenience you could possibly want within walking distance. Liquor store with decent wine selection? Check. Diner where you can get breakfast all day? Check. Used clothing store? Check. 24-hour grocery store? Check. Coffee shop with comfy couches and free wifi? There are five of them.

You can also do all of the following, within a few blocks of my apartment building: get a tattoo, drink bubble tea, mail a package, get your laptop fixed, buy a mattress, get a $10 manicure, eat a hotdog at 1:00 a.m. and rent a truck.

But a picture tells a thousand words, so here is a little photo essay that I put together in honor of my humble neighborhood.

Typical apartment building (though not mine)

So yummy.

Really? 'Cause I can be pretty cheap...

Second Cup Cafe

Dress in the window at Pixie's

The Sunset Bar and Grill has 112 beers on tap

Whew! Thought I was going to have to look on eBay.

Cool window art at LAB

Lunch and martinis at White Horse Tavern

No idea what this is...a generator of some kind?

Blinged-out Uncle Sam in front of Mike's Cheap 'n Chic

As you can see, my 'hood has got a lot of character. I mean, even the trash cans are works of art:

Allston, I *heart* you. Keep on keepin' it real.

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