Sunday, March 8, 2009


Last night I was sooooo drunk.  Why?  Because I'm on my first real "spring break" in five years. I'm in Charleston, SC, flying to San Francisco on Wednesday.  I'm hoping to get some sun and maybe even do a little writing in between happy hours.  My internet access will be spotty, though, so this blog might not be updated for the next week. Don't be sad!  Here's a fun spring break picture to cheer you up:

 I love the expression on the girl on the far left's face.  She is SO TOTALLY OVER this bikini contest. She's all, "yeah, lucky #7 is right, bitches." And I'm not sure, but I think having tan lines from a different bikini while participating in a bikini contest is a faux pas. Hot Pink on the end there is clearly an amateur. My vote goes to the tall drink of water in blue in the middle. She is bringing a level of seriousness to the competition that must be commended. 

Happy "SBK," everybody!  (That's what all the young kids down south here call it.)   

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