Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Don't watch this if you already think cats are creepy

I can't really think of anything to post today, so I'll just share this extremely bizarre scene from a Swedish horror film called
Let the Right One In.


Michael Erbsen said...

Wow... I wonder how close those subtitles were to the actual dialogue?

J.A.G. said...

Re: my blog, not yours.

Maybe the revival of G&D you saw could have used "Luck be a Wookie Tonight." Or just luck.

David said...

I wanted one last shot of her alone strapped to a hospital bed; she finally takes a relieved breath just as a cat in a tiny doctor's jacket and mini stethoscope calmly walks into the room

Andrew said...

I do hope you've watched or are going to watch this film some time, Katie. It was my favorite film of 2008, by a long shot. That's not a joke...I really think it's magnificent, crazy cat scene and all.