Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sailor Man

It was bound to happen at one point or another, that I would use my blog for some shameless self-promotion. As Steven Guttenberg exuberantly shouts during the opening credits of the Village People faux bio-pic
Can't Stop the Music, "my time is now!"

Friends, the NYC Fringe Festival is upon us. And I know,
I know, most Fringe shows have about as much merit as Fred Thompson's bid for President. But there is one show that I can guarantee is worth checking out: Sailor Man. I did some PR and marketing for this show, and it's going to be truly excellent. Imagine live-action Popeye cartoons, done Tarrantino-style. Lots of blood and broken glass. And it's only 45 minutes long.

Check out these photos:

Don't fall into the trap of the gimmicky title-- I promise you that "Late-Term Abortion: The Musical!" is not nearly as sidesplitting as the press materials claim. *

Sailor Man is playing at the Lafayette Street Theater (45 Bleecker St) and opening night is Saturday, August 8th at 5:30 pm. The show runs until August 22. Get tickets now and BYO spinach. Toot toot!

*not an actual Fringe show

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