Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My wit, condensed to 140 characters

The inevitable finally happened: I joined Twitter. I resisted for a long time. I couldn't convince myself of the usefulness/purpose. Was worried I'd feel self-indulgent. Concerned no one would follow me.

These fears have not entirely been put to rest, but I have to say, after a few days, it is more enjoyable and addictive than I thought it would be. Is this the beginning of the end of my productivity?

The 140-character thing is genius. It's like a game/puzzle, to reduce whatever joke/self-promotion/breaking news/gossip into a handful of words and symbols. As a writer who values concision and a poet who likes formal constraints, I dig this aspect. I also like all the lingo: hashtags, handles, feeds. Twitvernacular, if you will.

My Twitter empire is in its infant phase, as I have less than 20 followers. To be exact, I have 16. 13 of the 16 are folks I know. The other three, I have no idea who they are. Which is kind of cool. Could you be lucky #17?

I can't promise any revolutionary content, but I think I have Twitter potential. And I promise not to just post pictures of Maude sleeping.


Anonymous said...

I just followed you! I actually met you several years ago, but have had your blog in my google reader feed for a while because of a tipoff from Mr. A.C. Smith (which is how I met you back in NYC). You may not remember me, but I'm following you anyway because you are funny.

Murat Can Bilgincan said...

honestly, i wouldn't own a twitter account if so many people and organizations weren't using it. i'd rather get everything done on Facebook, despite the lack of a 140-character-limit...