Thursday, March 29, 2012

Before The Hunger Games....

...there was Battle Royale. Now, I haven't read or seen The Hunger Games, but Battle Royale was all over the concept of teenagers killing each other for sport/survival more than a decade ago. (I guess I'm joining the trend addressed by The Huffington Post by writing about this). Also based on a book, the Japanese film was released in 2000, but never got a U.S. distribution deal due to the controversial subject matter. In 2012, we're apparently cool with it.

I'm not sure I'll see THG. I like Jennifer Lawrence and am intrigued by all the hype/fuss, but....I feel like it's a rip-off of a much cooler, more provocative film. Battle Royale is violent, yes -- but it's also campy and even...funny. It disturbs, but it also undeniably entertains. At any rate, here's a little taste:

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