Friday, January 14, 2011

T-minus 45 days

Let the countdown to my 30th birthday begin!

45 days left in my 20s. And one of the things on my mind is what to get myself. What? Get yourself a birthday present? That's absurd!

I am a huge proponent of getting oneself a present for one's birthday. It's the only way to ensure you will receive something you actually want, as opposed to a mousepad shaped like a ladybug (sorry, Mom). It's not necessary to break the bank; last year, I treated myself to a lovely pair of earrings that cost under $20. I wear them all the time.

This year, however, I am planning to splurge a little more, since I am turning the big 3-0. Here are the current contenders:

1. Vespa

Admit it: I would look pretty cute zipping around town on one of these babies. When I told my mother I was considering this, she said "Do you want me to never sleep again?" Good thing she doesn't know about the next option...

2. Skydiving with my brother Richard

We actually talked about doing this when he graduated from college but never got around to it. It could be time. I'm terrified of it and can't conceive of doing it....which is part of what makes it tempting. Achieving something that seems impossible would probably be a great way to kick off the next decade of my life.

3. Lasik

Since age 15, my glasses have been my thing, the signature part of my appearance. Most people dig the look -- more than one member of the opposite sex has said they are a turn-on. Still, I might be ready to shake up what my friends call The Katie Vagnino Aesthetic.

4. Solo trip to Spain

Traveling with friends is super fun, but I've been craving the experience of taking a major trip abroad by myself. And I've never been to Spain. And don't all the men there look like Javier Bardem?

5. Breast reduction

This option I have floated by a few friends with mixed reactions. Women get it -- big boobs are a big annoyance. I long to sleep on my stomach and wear strapless dresses. Men think I'm crazy for wanting to change what they consider one of my better assets. You can't please everyone, I guess. I have done some research and talked with some women who've had it done (and are thrilled with the results) so at the very least, I think I'll get a consultation. And if I do decide to do it, I'll certainly throw my tits a farewell soiree. They deserve that.

So now, readers, I'm giving you the chance to weigh in.....

What should the gift be?


Rachael B. said...

I got myself a scooter for my 35th, and it was a great choice! (I also have a friend who had breast reduction and highly recommends it.)

Anonymous said...

Don't get a breast reduction. Why would you shell out so much money for something that will only serve to make you less attractive? You have a beautiful figure that men go crazy for and women are jealous of. Don't waste that. Plus you lose sensation and the scars end up looking like a road map on your chest. Don't do it.

Anonymous said...

Definitely the scooter.

Guys like big tits, what else is new? And as awesome as they sound, they are yours, so do with them as you will. Just be prepared for guys to start looking you in the eyes, you might find that unsettling.

And what is this soiree you speak of?

Anonymous said...

I'd go Spain.
Unless this "soiree" you speak of involves mass nuzzling and adoration. Then I'd say go under the knife and let's have a party.

steven Vagnino said...

What happened to your wine trip to Napa Valley? Is it too costly in time and money right now? I understand that. I would love to plan something when the weather is warmer and we all have some more cash.


Anonymous said...

These anonymous posts are creepy.