Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Terrible Twos

On June 11, I failed to draw attention to a significant milestone: this blog is now two years old!

Isn't that an awesome Hot Wheels cake? I'm pretty sure that's not the kind of cake I got when I turned two. Mine probably had some My Little Pony bullshit on it.

One parenting website describes two-year-old behavior as "characterized by being negative about most things and often saying 'no.' The terrible twos may also find your toddler having frequent mood changes and temper tantrums."

Huh. I feel like that also describes my 20s. "No, I don't want to work at a real job! I want to stay in college FOREVER. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

The Sesame Street website has some helpful visual aids. At age two, it becomes increasingly important to start enforcing/building good eating habits. My favorite Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster, has an important song about this:

I find it interesting that the video has good stuff to say about nutrition, but delivers it through a Muppet who uses terrible grammar and broken English ("Hey, what that? That look like bunch of fruit!"). Learning to speak correctly is apparently not a priority for two-year-olds.

I'm not trying to hate on Cookie Monster, though. He's the best. I own a Tickle-Me-Cookie-Monster. He hangs out with my other strange stuffed items, which include Maurice (a stuffed mustache) and the infamous Catbread.

Yes, I still sleep with stuffed animals. DON'T JUDGE ME. If you do, I might have to throw a temper tantrum.

Happy (belated) birthday, Vagnino Monologues!

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