Friday, April 23, 2010

Put it in your mouth

This post shares its title with one of my favorite all-time songs, a ridiculously explicit anthem about oral sex by Akinyele. If you're not familiar, you should download it from iTunes, like, yesterday.

But this post is not about sex, but one of life's other great pleasures: food. Mmmmm.  Like Harold and Kumar, I like food that's tasty AND delicious.  So here's a little list of my favorite things in Boston to put in my mouth:

1) French toast from Allston Cafe (nee Herrell's)

You can order breakfast anytime at the Allston Cafe, so it's not unusual to see people enjoying their legendary french toast at 4 p.m. On my birthday, they put a candle on it for me and gave me a free side of sausage. Now that's what I call service.

2) Mussels from Silvertone

A heaping portion of succulent bivalves for something like $8. Add fries and a glass of their Cab Franc. 

3) Butterscotch pudding from Lineage

Ok, I'm a little biased because I work here, but I don't even like butterscotch and think this dessert is amazing. The consistency of the pudding is perfect and it comes with homemade whipped cream and caramelized nuts on top.  YUMTOWN.

4) 57 T-Bird veggie dog from Spike's Junkyard Dogs

I'm not a vegetarian, but I live dangerously close to Spike's and feel it would be detrimental to eat actual hotdogs all the time. So I have found a solution in their fat free veggie dogs, which can almost pass for the real thing. The T-Bird comes slathered in swiss cheese and honey mustard. I always tell myself I'm going to forgo the fries....and that works out about 50% of the time.

5) Prune-stuffed gnocchi with foie gras from No. 9 Park

It's stupid how good this tastes. Should possibly be against the law.

6) Pizza from Pizza Pie-er

The name is terrible.  Looks stupid written and you sound equally dumb saying it out loud. But the pizza is tasty and healthy, as far as pizza goes. You can get whole wheat crust and fat-free cheese. Also, you can order online and they take credit cards. So far, I've tried the Pizza Al Noci (spinach and mushroom with a walnut-pesto base sauce) and chicken, artichoke and ricotta. My next ingenious topping combo: bacon, feta, and black olives.  

7) Fried pickles from Jacob Wirth's

No explanation needed.

8) Tuna tartare coronets at Cuchi Cuchi

Cuchi Cuchi has such a vast selection of small plates that it's often hard to narrow it down when it's time to order.  I never skip the tuna tartar coronets, though; they come with a little bit of avocado mousse and have the perfect amount of cream and crunch to complement the fish.

9) The North Ender at Boston Burger Co.

An 8 oz. burger with mozzarella, tomato and balsamic mayo.  It's messy and thus best enjoyed alone, but don't let that deter you.

10) The clam chowder....anywhere    

Boston's known for its chowdah and most places don't disappoint. I haven't found one bowl that stands out from the rest....suggestions?


fishwatch said...

I heart anything from Sofra Bakery.

J.A.G. said...

Fried pickles at Jake's. Just yes.