Sunday, January 31, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Katie Vagnino Edition

I came to the conclusion last night that I am tired of looking the way I look. It's not that I think I look bad, exactly -- I have just looked the same for
years (thick-rimmed glasses, short brown hair). Case in point:

Photo from 2004

Photo from 2010
I feel like it's time to revolutionize my appearance. A haircut isn't going to cut it, no pun intended; I want something drastic. I'm seriously questioning the whole glasses/librarian chic feels a little dated all of the sudden.

But before I do something crazy, I thought I would get some opinions.....should I:

a) get Lasik
b) get contacts
c) get a breast reduction
d) go on a radical and unsafe diet
e) go tanning
f) get a tattoo/visible piercing
g) dye my hair an unexpected color
h) all or some of the above?

Readers, my appearance is (somewhat) in your hands. Use the comments section to let your voice be heard. I hope to unveil the New Me on the eve of my 29th birthday, i.e. February 28.


Anonymous said...

Geez, some extreme talk here--snap out of it! I vote you try b) and g) in combination.

Here's why not the other things:
a) is irreversible and expensive, and contacts (option B) let's you try experiment in this arena with no risk
c) nooooo! you are still young, and boobs are in your asset column, not you liability column
[d) this is dumb, obv]
e) trashy/horrible (not to mention incongruous)
f) ok fine, but this isn't going to change "your look" in a big way (unless you get a full sleeve or something, which is too extreme as a mere experiment).

So, there you have it.

Aaron said...

Ooo fun! H, obviously.

B over A. As someone w/ great vision, I envy how glasses can work as an accessory. Why abandon that when you can simply choose?

C. Up to you. I dig the health reasons.

D & E. Bad Vagnino! Bad bad! No cookie.

F. Yep. I wish I had a tattoo. Stupid Jewish tradition! In an alternate universe, I've already gotten three.

G. Go crazy: purple, green, zebra. Or good ol' jet black. Punk rock = sexy.

But G-2: what about growing out? Long beautiful, hair! Let your freak flag fly!

Anonymous said...

No on A,C,F. They're all forever, which is a little drastic for "I'm bored" and:

A: eyes change
C: big cans are cool
F: what's worth putting on your body for the rest of your life?

Yes on B, D, E, G.

B: Contacts are pretty cool, and if you get the Oasys ones, they're very forgiving about leaving them in overnight or more.

D: Seems like the best path to celebrity. Besides, it gives you an excuse for getting out of everything. (Plus I know you're too smart to actually do something that'd hurt you).

E: Jersey Shore. 'nuff said.

G: Totally. But I'll echo what an earlier commenter said: try growing it out. And then maybe dyeing it.

Toujours Delish said...

Hi from the West Coast!

I understand the need to make a change, although your look is awesome! I'm smiling over here because I'm considering cutting my hair and just bought some thick-rimmed glasses, so am morphing into librarian / hipster chic at the moment.

If you keep a look for years, it's because it works! You feel like yourself, you would be friends with yourself if you met you (gee, she's got such cute glasses / haircut, etc).

But if a change is what you need, I would say buy a radically different pair of specs (try for a low-commitment (i.e. cheap) solution to trying out different glasses).

Deadford said...

Selfishly I'd say don't change a thing, but if push came to shove I'd go with contacts or lasik. You look beautiful without your glasses on.

Tommy O said...

Tiger face tattoo, obvs.

Anonymous said...

I've always admired your look and thought you were beautiful and sexy. Don't change a thing.

Anonymous said...

Breast reduction? What a waste. What's next, you want to take the smile off the Mona Lisa? The talent out of American Idol? The romance out of porn?

You've got a great rack, enjoy it.