Friday, November 21, 2008

Who is Sarah Palin's publicist?

"Sarah, baby, it's going to be great, we're going to do the interview while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background. We'll show those pansy liberal vegetarians who the real Americans are! Wait, Sarah, why are you wearing a Burberry scarf and drinking Starbucks? You're a real everyday normal woman, with real everyday normal problems like a knocked-up teenage daughter, right? Right?!?!"

(thanks to Jocelyn and Levi for sending this to me...)


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, this was enough to turn me into a vegetarian. Will this make her go away? Please?

jamie said...

Katie, what is your email address? I totally want to stalk you.
And send you the silly videos I make to sell oversized gummy bears. -Jamie Salvatori

jamie said...

oh, wait, i didn't give you my email address. it's jamiesalvatori at i'd like to catch up when i'm not being stupid and drunk (which is never now that i'm married with a kid)