Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Shouting Vase holds your anger

I love Japanese consumer culture. One of my favorite souvenirs from my 2003 trip to Japan is this bizarre plush toy that is known by those close to me as "Cat Bread." It looks like a bread box with a face, and his box-head opens up to reveal a small, loaf-shaped creature with ears:

Cat Bread was made by BanPresto, a Japanese toy manufacturer. I have been Googling "Banpresto cat bread" for years, hoping to find a way to order more online, but Cat Bread seems to be one of a kind. However, I did find some other unusual Japanese items on the web that are almost as cool. Play your cards right, and some of you lucky people might just be unwrapping something from this list this holiday season.

First, there is the Shouting Vase:

"Turn your loudest, most urgent frustrations into mere whispers with the Shouting Vase. The plastic jug is designed to fit over the contours of your mouth and absorb your screams and shouts, “storing” them in the vase and emitting a softer version of your angry cries through the tiny hole at the base."

Confused? Let's take a closer look at the science involved:


Ok, maybe something a little more practical would be in better. Some people like to give/receive things they know they will use. So how about some stylish black tissues?

Apparently, normal tissues can look "cheap," but black tissues look chic! I can't decide whether these are awesome or creepy, but since you can only buy increments of 10 boxes for $149, I'm going to hold off for now. 1 box? Funny. 10 boxes? Not so much.

How about a little something for someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen? Let me recommend the charming heart-shaped cucumber mold set. This will add some zing to your salads and favorite recipes.

The best part is, the device actually molds the cucumber while it's growing (in your vegetable've got one of those, right?) You aren't just cutting cucumbers into heart-shapes; that would be tacky and bourgeois.

I'll wrap up this post with a little video that I'm a little obsessed with. Enjoy! (warning: this will get stuck in your head)

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Long live Cat Bread!